Why should I work with Benjamin’s Dev instead of XYZ MegaDevShop, LLC?

We are the stepping stone to get you up off the ground. Not every business is ready (or can afford) to contract a large dev shop right out of the gate. We make sure the foundation is there to prove your concept and start building a business out of it.

What is an MVP?

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, and is the bare minimum (in our case, least amount of code you can write) that you can build to prove out, or test a business idea or concept. This was popularized by the Lean Startup (link) methodology and allows for an extremely tight and cost efficient feedback loop between you and your customers.

How much will it cost to build my MVP?

Please use the contact form to setup a consultation.  Our experts will work with you to determine the right architecture and mode of deployment for your project.

Who owns the legal rights of the technology developed by Benjamin’s Dev?

The client. All of the development done by Benjamin’s Dev is deemed as “work made for hire” and thus, all of the development done is the sole property of the client.

How do you ensure that my IP is secure?

Benjamin’s Dev are noted professionals in their respective fields, so the chance of any infringement is miniscule. However, your privacy and security is of utmost importance to us, so we have exhaustive service agreements & NDAs with all of our service providers. Our NDA binds each of the service providers to standard non-disclosure terms for all information that they receive on the Benjamin’s Dev platform.

What happens when I’m ready to level up or start hiring?

Great! Congratulations. We start out every project assuming this will happen at some point. We do everything we can to facilitate a smooth transition as you start to grow!

Where are you located?

While our leadership team are headquartered at Benjamin’s Desk, a co-working space in the heart of Philadelphia, PA, our entire team is multi-regional and multi-national!