We can help solve your startup challenges.

We know the story. You've got a great idea and you've got your business plan in place. You need to turn that idea into reality and build a prototype or a MVP. Benjamin's Dev finds you talent equipped with the right experience and skill to help your startup build momentum, raise capital, and increase sales.

Our capabilities

We can get your company ready for market and make the transition from idea to full fledged MVP as easy as possible.

  • Planning & Research
  • Business Assessment
  • Agile project management
  • Information Architecture
  • Mobile App Design
  • User Experience design
  • User Interface Design
  • Graphic design
  • Back End Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Measurement & Analytics

Our Process

Your venture is very early and it seems like a great concept. However, you may have not tested key core assumptions to confidently move in a given direction. It behooves any new venture to go through the Business Model Canvas exercise to paint the picture. Also, there are a number of resources to identify the risks you want to test early and cheaply. From there, Benjamin's Dev can provide methods and set up a strategy to test initial assumptions.

Strategy Outline

Homework set for individuals with novel concepts to test and de-risk assumptions [Business model canvas, stakeholder conversations, user demand testing]

Market Demand Testing

Observation of search trends related to your product. Testing of various Adwords campaigns. Competitive analysis via social, web reviews and other mechanisms. Determine value proposition via funding opportunities through selected Benjamin's Desk sources, or through crowdfunding. Data assessments of current market and trends.

You have identified a great business opportunity and you’re confident in the model, now let’s determine the ideal solution that engages all your stakeholders while driving your business goals. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean dictum felis sed eros ultricies, vel malesuada nunc facilisis. Fusce dapibus erat et urna ultricies, ut cursus tellus aliquam. Nam volutpat nisl tortor, nec mattis ex ultrices nec. Curabitur sed cursus diam.

Prototype Consulting

Provide the help you need to draft the preliminary mock-up that you’ll present to investors and potential business partners.

Solution Design
  • User Research - understanding the behavior of stakeholders to uncover key insights
  • Information Architecture - designing the goals, language, and function of the solution
  • Testable Wireframes - low level concepts of what the solution could be
  • User-Interface Design - developing an experience specific to a particular platform
  • Aesthetics & graphics - creating final mockups with notes to be handed to a developer

Your business direction is set, your design direction is set, now it’s time to build something! Depending on your resources, stage, and exact needs, BD can add major value to provide the right technical team.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean dictum felis sed eros ultricies, vel malesuada nunc facilisis. Fusce dapibus erat et urna ultricies, ut cursus tellus aliquam. Nam volutpat nisl tortor, nec mattis ex ultrices nec.

MVP Development

You have an initial design, we know what features need to be built. With that in mind, our team will provide you with technology and timeline options to build within budget that accomplishes what your users and your business needs. We will consider all technology options out there, such as Ruby on Rails framework, Drupal CMS or even Wordpress. Complexity is not ideal at this stage and each situation is dependent on what exactly needs to be built.

Product and Feature Development

You have built something previously or you want to build the scalable, complex solution. BD has the resources to take your existing product and transform it into a better version, onto a more scalable platform, and/or add complex features to make a solution more robust. This includes items such as designing and building a new platform, building new features, and maintenance tasks.

1701 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Our Team

Anthony Maher
Anthony Maher

Formerly a 10+ Year Professional Soccer Player, Anthony is a startup real estate entrepreneur and community builder. He's passionate about building companies with amazing people and creating as much value and impact as possible. Currently, Anthony is the Co-Founder & CEO of Benjamin’s Desk, Philly's premier coworking community for mobile professionals, entrepreneurs, and startups. Anthony is also the Philadelphia Chapter Director of Startup Grind PHL, which is a global startup community powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. A lover of all things Philly, you can typically find Anthony, his wife, and their three boys at a PHL playground near you!

Nick Gluzdov
Nick Gluzdov

Nick is a seasoned technology leader, web developer and UI engineer with more than 20 years of experience. He has been successful in delivering web applications and features for agencies, software development and product companies of all sizes on time and on budget.

Adam William Davis
Adam William Davis

Adam has been at the forefront of innovative business technology for more than 15 years including Sr. Product positions at eBay | StubHub. He has worked with early stage startups since 1999 and brings a unique combination of business leadership and technology acumen.

Ashish Patil
Ashish Patil

Ashish Patil is an entrepreneur & designer at heart with understandings in the business & technology worlds. Ashish has lead lectures for Undergraduates and MBAs studying Entrepreneurship at The Wharton School in ‘Technology Options for your MVP’.

Justin Chapman
Justin Chapman

Justin Chapman has experience across a wide range of technologies and industries. Writing web apps for massive corporations and scrappy startups including Thomson Reuters, eThree, and Houwzer.

Alex Hohlov
Alex Hohlov

Alex Hohlov is a brilliant UX/UI designer with more than 10 years of experience. He brings a fresh take on the business of design, helping start-ups to get the maximum value for their vision. He is a true renaissance artist who has worked alongside some major industry talent.

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